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Torri Richardson painting 1024x1024 Art, History, & Inspiration

Recently, our youngest daughter Torri has been working hard on creating art work to enter into the Arkansas Young Artist Association spring competition.

She’s spent a lot of time drawing, painting, and looking for inspiration for each piece. As an 11th grade high school student, she’s thinking ahead about college, scholarships, and careers. You guessed it, she’s leaning towards art.

Seeing her passion and commitment to her work, I talked with Danny Campbell, chair of the Art Department at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. That conversation led to her signing up for Portfolio Day, along with their upcoming High School Pre-College Art & Design Program in June.

I expressed my interest in taking her on a tour of museums this summer. Without hesitation Mr. Campbell suggested Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and the Mosaic Templar’s Cultural Center, both in Arkansas. He also handed me a flyer for the Kinsey Collection opening April 8, at MTCC.

Kinsey Collection Photo Art, History, & Inspiration

Torri and I were in attendance of the opening of this amazing collection of African American History. I don’t know what expectations we had of the exhibit, but we came away being inspired, and having a greater appreciation and pride for our history.

Little Rock is the 21st city of this traveling exhibit since 2007. During this time, more than 5 million people have had the opportunity to view the collection. In December it will open in Hong Kong!

“We don’t assume people don’t want to see it. Not only are we valuable, we have to own it, and project it.” -Bernard Kinsey

Bernard Kinsey and Torri Richardson 1024x959 Art, History, & Inspiration
Bernard Kinsey, and Torri Richardson

This exhibit is a mix of original and rare art, artifacts, books, documents and manuscripts that weave together a perfect story of African American achievements and contributions.

Some of those artifacts I was so intrigued by included Dr. Maya Angelou’s typewriter, a book of poems by Phyllis Wheatley, along with love letters written by Zora Neale Hurston. I’m drawn to other writers, and literally ogled these treasures.

Maya Angelous typewriter  1024x848 Art, History, & Inspiration

“Our People matter… These people came from good stuff. When you feel you come from good stuff, you walk different.” – Bernard Kinsey 

Documents of the earliest known black baptism (1595), and the first recorded black marriage (1598), both of St. Augustine, Florida moved me in a way I’m unable to put into words. Mr. Kinsey said it best…

“You’ll see things [in the collection] you won’t ever see again.”

If you have the opportunity to see this collection in person, drive, hop a train, fly or walk… You will not be disappointed.