The #BlogProject – Getting Started

the blog project getting started The #BlogProject   Getting StartedWelcome to my brand new blog Always LaTonya. My initial plans were to work on the blog until March 15, then launch with major hoopla and fanfare.

Saturday morning I had this great shower idea.

I can still have an “Official Launch,” but why not post about the journey of building my blog along the way. Instead of writing a huge post on how I got to March 15, I’ll post about the process step by step. A #blogproject if you will.

Although I’ve blogged since 2009, I haven’t started a brand new blog since then. At that time I didn’t have a clue at what I was doing. Today, I know a little more than I did six and a half years ago, however so much has changed. I’ve changed. After doing a little research I came across Sits Girls How To Blog: 21 Fundamentals Every Bloggers Need. This was just what I needed!

March 1, I registered my brand new domain name, and purchased hosting services. It was nerve wrecking! It took months to come up with a name for my new blog, and it was important to have the perfect name.  So far I’ve installed several plugins suggested in 15 Best Plugins For Your WordPress Blog.

My to-do list for the next couple of days include:

  • Find a WordPress theme I love.
  • Write a slamming About Page.
  • Create an awesome header.

I’ve narrowed my choice of themes to three… Button, Sugar & Spice, or Twenty Sixteen. I’m not sold on either just yet, but I’m getting there. If you come back, and the look is different, know that I’m still trying to decide.

Sits Girls How to Perfect Your About Page has been my guide while tackling my About Page. Did I mention that site has a ton of great information! My last about page was a little generic, and brief. I’ve grown as a blogger, and I want that page to reflect it.

In looking for a tutorial on how to create a WordPress header I came across Julie Stoian of Fabulous Blogging  Her post Creating A Header Image for Your Blog  is simple and detailed enough that a non-coding person like myself can understand. When I complete this task, I might be feeling myself a little. Although I’m doing all the work on my site myself, it’s important that it doesn’t look like I did it myself. You know, like a wannabe designer threw something together.

With Julie’s tutorial and video Create a Header Without Photoshop, I’m sure to make a statement. It looks like I have enough work to keep me busy for the next few days. Keep coming back to check out my progress.