Rules of Group Texting

Group texting 1024x524 Rules of Group Texting

Like most people, I hate receiving group text messages. For the most part it’s because people just don’t understand the “RULES.” This list was developed through my experiences and disdain for the practices carried out in group messages.  These also apply for group texting apps such as GroupMe.

1. How to respond: If you have a response intended for the sender of the message and not the group, respond to them personally in a separate text.

Only respond to the entire group, if your message will benefit everyone.

2. Use a disclaimer: The sender of the group text should make a simple statement at the beginning of the message such as “This is a group text,”  just as a reminder to the group.

Continue this until all of your friends GET IT!

3. No side conversations: There is NO need for back and forth side conversations in a group text between just two people about a completely different subject. The group isn’t interested, and doesn’t want to be distracted by the constant chiming of their cell phones.

Share contact information with the party you’re interested in carrying on a conversation with, and see no. 1.

4. Don’t respond to unfamiliar numbers: If you receive a text from a unfamiliar phone number minutes, or even hours after receiving a group message DO NOT reply “Who Is This?”

It’s a very good chance you.don’t.know them! And it’s awkward.

5. Respond at a descent hour: If you are one of those people who are über busy and only respond to text late at night, or early the next morning be mindful of others.

Everyone may not be in the same time zone, or appreciate getting a text in the middle of the night. Or at the crack of dawn.

6. Mute the conversation: If push comes to shove you can always mute the conversation.

Do group text make you want to pull your hair out? What are your group text pet peeves?