The Taste of Summer

Taste of Summer The Taste of SummerSummer is my favorite time of the year. The flowers have bloomed, bright colors are everywhere, and the grass is green. I love the warm days, sounds of crickets and frogs after a rain, and watching fireflies light up the yard at dusk. I don’t even mind swatting a mosquito or two. I exaggerate.

Most of all I enjoy the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available during the summer months. Some of the best foods are related to summer.


Many of my favorite memories are tied to food, and summer.

For a while, I’ve pondered the “Taste of Summer.” I know it may seem a little odd, equating food with a season, but indulge me.

Recently, I started asking everyone I come in contact with “What does summer taste like?”

I’ve gotten some really great responses from barbecue to homemade ice cream, iced tea, and watermelon, along with others in between. And they all have their very own connection to the season.

This summer I’m on a quest to find The Taste of Summer. I’ll taste summer, cook up a little summer and share it in words, pictures and recipes along the way.

So I’ll ask you…

What does summer taste like to you?