Projects Half Done

ProjectsHalf Done Projects Half Done

Last year I wrote a post about several project I’d left half done and were awaiting my attention. There were a couple of travel pillows for the Sugababies, a few large baby bibs for my grandson, along with throw pillows for the daybed, and a running belt. All were cut out, pinned and ready to be sewn.

The pillows and bibs managed to get finished, but I can not say the same for the running belt. It’s still waiting. (Insert eye rolling) 

Mr. Husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas 2014, I went crazy cutting out, and pinning projects. I finished a few, and the other “projects half done,” just had to wait their turn. Well, nothing’s changed. I go through creative phases. Sometimes I want to sew, sometimes I want to crochet, and other times… who knows. It’s what every strikes my fancy.

Last July I think it was, I started a doll house for the Sugababies. I sanded it and got it ready for painting. And that’s as far as I got. I had VERY good intentions, really I did.

That doll house has priority status, for this summer’s projects to complete. It HAS to get done before I start ANYTHING else. In fact, I’m going to put a deadline on it. June 18, I will have the doll house sanded again, painted, and decorated with a picture to prove it!

Other projects on my list of things to get around to this summer include:

  • Create a patio garden
  • Organize the kitchen cabinets
  • Finish decorating my library/office
  • Research African American Cemeteries
  • Complete the book I’m working on

How do you handle completing multiple projects?