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Desk top 1024x845 Not Spring CleaningI finally got rid of my old mouse. Now I’m wondering what took me so dang long? I was agonizing over, and playing with it, just to make the thing cooperate some of the time. And wala… just like that, a brand new mouse, that follows my movements makes me want to sit down, and write this blog post!

I probably would have suffered with that mouse for months more, but Tish Bullard’s Emerging Entrepreneur tele Workshop  got me started de-cluttering, cleaning, and organizing my home office, to be more creative and productive. She also suggested adding simple things to our space like flowers, and inspirational quotes to make the space more inviting.

That motivation is spilling over into other areas of our home.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m definitely NOT Spring Cleaning! 

Spring Cleaning [springklee-ning]

a complete cleaning of a place, as a home, done traditionally in the spring of the year.

Spring Cleaning is so, not what I’m doing. Note the definition. I don’t want to completely clean my house, or anything else for that matter. Just the thought of it gives me hives.

But I don’t mind tiding and sprucing things up a bit. Since cleaning and organizing my work space, I’ve wanted to sit down to write, create, and think there! I’ve even dug up a few blast from the past that have sparked an idea or two.

I almost got derailed several times. A few old pictures and art projects took me on a nostalgic journey of when our children were younger. I put them all in a designated place, and kept it moving. I have one more book shelf to get around to.

My desk and work space has been an inspiration to branch out into the house. More specifically the kitchen.

I’d like to organize the kitchen cabinets, and drawers. We recently purchased new storage containers, and cabinet is in need of better organization. I’m proud to say my pots and pans are good, but the lids need a system. And there are three drawers that are stuffed and running over.

That’s enough to fill an entire Saturday! It’s not going to be a quick, but Pinterest has helped be find the following post to get me started to:

Do you have any projects lined up for NOT spring cleaning?


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4 thoughts on “Not Spring Cleaning”

  1. Love it! AlwaysLatonya

    I’m trying to declutter my kids never ending school work and projects.

    I never Spring cleaning either! I think I might have an asthma attack!!!

  2. Great post! I am right there with you about not wanting to “spring clean” the house or anything lol. I do however need to jump in there and get those kitchen cupboards of mine in better shape. We will see if it happens! Ha.

  3. I’m one of those OCD people who doesn’t “spring clean”, I just do it when the Spirit moves me, which is often. However, on my list is to clean up the flower beds, add compost, mulch and plant the new annuals.

  4. I’m not spring cleaning either, but it helps me to find a structure to declutter and clean as a routine, kind of like some of the articles you list. I still use some of FlyLady’s practices as well as declutter calendar. I just need someone or something to tell me what TO DO to keep things in order.
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