My Hunt For New Glasses

 My Hunt For New Glasses

I’ve worn glasses since the age of nine, for a total of 41 years. It ain’t always been easy being four-eyed.

At first, I thought it was kinda cool. But that didn’t last long. I’ve worn some really cute glasses, and some I THOUGHT were cute until I was told otherwise. I’ve even worn glasses that were not cute at all! Don’t get me wrong. There have been pairs I’ve absolutely loved!

The thing is, the doctor’s office always has a lot of frames to chose from. But they’re not ones I really want, that suit my face, or even the look I’m trying to achieve. Therefore it leaves me settling for a pair that looks… just okay.

As technology, fashion, and times have changed glasses have become just as much a fashion statement as the clothes we wear. The options are greater, the styles are better, and places to get stylish frames are more abundant.

Still… doctor’s offices rarely have a large selection of really cool frames. And what they do have… are so expensive. My last few pairs have been really swank. Generally, after my eye exam, it has taken the longest two months to find the perfect frame. Or at least a frame I can live with for the next two years. After searching throughout the internet, and at every eyeglass dispensary I pass… finding the perfect pair of frames is like finding a diamond in Crater of Diamonds State Park. It’s not impossible, but it sure isn’t easy!

I came to the realization a few years ago after trying contact lenses, if I have to wear glasses, and I do… I might as well have a pair I love. That means I’m always on the lookout for something cute, different, and unlike anything, everyone else is wearing.

My current glasses are really cute, and I actually found them at my doctor’s office. In a few weeks, I’ll be ready for a post cornea transplant eye exam. That means I’m in hot pursuit of awesome new frames.

Iconic Looks

oprah winfrey1 203x300 My Hunt For New Glasses
Picture credit: People Magazine

Opray Winfrey is one that always wears the coolest glasses! I absolutely love that every time I see her, she may be wearing a different pair.

Oprah winfrey 2 300x169 My Hunt For New Glasses
Picture credit: Time Magazine





Lisa Price 300x200 My Hunt For New Glasses
Picture credit: Zimbo

Lisa Price is another person whom I admire her choice of eyewear.

Both Oprah and Lisa’s choices say they are intentional and badass!

There is a long line of others who are known for their iconic statement-making eyeglasses such as Sylvia Weinstock. 

All three of these women inspire me to not just settle for any pair of glasses. And if I like it, wear them with pride and chutzpah!

Where do I start?

I’ve given this a lot of thought. More thought that I probably should have.

A couple of years ago, I bought a pair of brown cat-eye frames from the Zinni Optical website. They were inexpensive and gorgeous! There was only one problem, the plastic frames were too thin to support my lenses, even the thinner, plastic ones. Often I sleep in my glasses, another story for another time, and they must be durable enough to withstand the weight of my lenses and sleeping in them.

I’ve also searched other websites like Warby Parker, and Zeelool and found great looks. But instead of ordering frames online, I will consult with the optician at my eye doctor’s office. Together we will find several spec-tacular (pun intended) options. Follow me on Instagram @AlwaysLaTonya to updates on my hunt for new glasses.

What has been your experience with glasses and frames?


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